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“My son loves his mouse, can’t wait until he can spell! Love this product, can’t believe how easy it is for him to learn. Thank You, Thank You!” – Jack R. Lansing, MI (child Age 2)
“She loves it!  We originally had her going on Laura’s laptop, so she was used to the touch pad, but she learned how to use the mouse in one sitting.  Definitely a cool and easy-to-use product!” -Chris A., Los Gatos, CA (Child Age 4)


Think again……

I am 51 years old with  poor vision and usually set in front of the keyboard with the tiny tiny keys  grumbling and fuming because it is so difficult to see the letters and have been wishing they would come up with something for us older folks to use. and bless your hearts I saw this at office max last year and yelled THAT’S WHAT I BEEN TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!

Even if you didn’t have adults in mind when you came up with this item I just want to say thank you, thank you!” -Janice

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